About the fool

I am 46 years old, and until just 4 years ago I believed that government worked for the common man, that most politicians are essentially good having our best interest at heart, that our military industrial complex honorably promoted democracy all over the world, that millions of people wanted to kill us for no reason other than their envy of our freedom and success, that all news media were objective and free from outside influence, that if I just worked hard and put money into my 401K everything would be ok and that the boogey man was just a fictional character created to scare children.

It was horrifying to realize the truth, that there are boogey men and they are more dangerous than any fictional character could be, that their near absolute power stretches to all corners of the globe, that politicians both Republican and Democrat work for the same boogey men, that the boogey men own the news media, that people hate us and want to kill us because we hate and do kill them, and that I had been a fool for a long time.  The frank and honest title a fool’s perspective is my perspective.

I pray that we the people will be able to break thru the artificial complexities and legal jargon that is the new hooded mask of the world’s most dangerous bandits and see the truth in its most simple form.   All truth is by its nature simple, E=mc2, The Ten Commandments, and Declaration of Independence, all very simple and easily recognized as truth.

I along with others who fear for our Liberty are trying to educate ourselves and preserve Liberty for our children and grandchildren.

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